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Related Article WWE Hell In A Cell Match Ratings From Sean Ross Sapp. You can find full results and STARDOM 5★STAR GP 2017 updated standings below, via Fightful:. The finals saw Yuzuki Aikawa defeating Kyoko Kimura on September 30. Related Article AEW Dynamite 10/14/20 Results: 4 Title Matches, Miro Gets Angry & Matt Hardy Is Cleared. — スターダム/STARDOM Septem. Hojo bounced back by winning Stardom&39;s top singles tournament, the 5★Star GP, by defeating Hudson Envy in the finals on September 23. The first 5★Star Grand Prix, a two-block round-robin tournament, commenced on August 19 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, and ran until September 30, becoming their biggest annual tournament every year.

5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match Hana Kimura vs. The first 5★Star Grand Prix,. TV on. Full results and updated standings below. Stardom quickly became one of the top joshi puroresu promotions, largely thanks to gravure idol Yuzuki Aikawa becoming the promotion&39;s public face. First announced via STARDOM&39;s YouTube page at somewhere in the vicinity of 4PM BST on Sunday July the 26th via the presentation video of the tournament participants, the groups of the 5★STAR GP have been announced and, dare I say, I wasn&39;t expecting that the groups would be like that. Is stardom the best joshi promotion?

Stardom 5★STAR Grand Prix – Day 3. The 5*GP is one of the best possible entry points for Stardom, showing off the large chunk of the roster in easily digestible bite-size chunks. Mari Apache, AZM & Shiki Shibusawa If you have seen any of the 5 Star GP openers featuring these six then you’ll know what to expect.

it was great tournment with a lot awsome matches, io vs toni was my favourite. 年9月14日に大阪で行われた5★STAR GPブルースターズ公式戦 ☆ 5★STAR GP Blue Stars(. After the first two nights, I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the 5☆STAR GP. Xia Brookside & Ruaka. · Stardom held three shows of the 5STAR Grand Prix tournament on September at Nishitetsu Hall in Fukuoka, Japan.

In January, Hojo came together with former rivals Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani to form a new stable. The 5★STAR GP is a round-robin tournament, similar to the G1 Climax in New Japan. On a sad note, Syuri understandably did not appear due to the loss of her mother. — We Are Stardom Septem Overall Score: 7.

· Review: Stardom 5★STAR Grand Prix – Day 9 (Finals) –. Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix, sexto día, 3 de septiembre. World Wonder Ring Stardom,. · Review: Stardom 5★STAR Grand Prix – Day 2 –.

· Home Reviews Review: Stardom 5★STAR Grand Prix – Day 5 –. Who won goddess of stardom? After taking a 2-year break from pro wrestling to pursue an MMA career inincluding matches in UFC), Syuri shocked the world by showing up in Stardom with Giulia’s Donna Del Mondo faction in January. It was broadcast on Samurai!

Full results, highlights and updated standings below. · Review: Stardom 5★STAR Grand Prix – Day 6 –. 10 Kagetsu: J: Stardom Shining Stars : Yokohama Japan: 1 329: 8: 11 Bea Priestley. AZM was lucky enough to get a win over Hana Kimura but she would need to win these last two if. Review: Time for our final show for this article as we start it off with AZM taking on Saki Kashima. On 2 October, Stardom officially announced that Storm had signed with the promotion. before the the 5 star GP i didnt think that toni wiil win this But i very happy for her. in 20 as one singles match, and in as a.

Review: Stardom 5★STAR Grand Prix – Day 5 –. What are some popular events in stardom? HZK and Mayu Iwatani vs. Welcome to the STARDOM 5 Star Grand Prix thread! · The complete show clocks in at 2:13 on Stardom World, and with even the “disappointing” matches hitting 3 stars, there is no reason not to watch the whole show, especially if you miss hearing a crowd that is hot for an event. WWE Extreme Rules – Fatal 5-Way.

· STARDOM continued its 5STAR GP tournament this past weekend in Tokyo and Sendai in Japan. 20 written by Sam Aug Viper & AZM vs. 5STAR Grand Prix - Night 11 Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix - Night 10 took place in Osaka.

3 written by Sam Septem Viper, AZM & Natsuko Tora vs. After winning the Cinderella Tournament on 30 April, Storm also won the 5★Star GP on 18 September, becoming the first wrestler to win the two tournaments in 2017 the same year. · The weakest show of the tournament so far but a great non-GP match and a good main event made the show still enjoyable. More STARDOM 5★STAR GP images. Hana Kimura is the only one on my block that is undefeated with four points when she defeated both Tam Nakano and Natsu Sumire in two solid. — スターダム/STARDOM Septem.

The Stardom 5★STAR Grand Prix starts next week, and after today’s show in Stardom the Blocks are finally set. 5STAR Grand Prix Block A Match. First, the basics: Card Set: Stardom Collection Card Cards per Pack: 10.

Septem: 5☆Star GP × Champions in Nagoya: Nagoya, Japan: 1 258: 3: This title change was unplanned as Mayu Iwatani legitimately dislocated her elbow, prompting the referee to stop the match and award the championship to Storm. The packs are sold in sets of five, so I opened five packs today to get a good sample of what the cards offer this year. On October 11, Iwatani defeated Rosa Negra to also win the High Speed Championship. STARDOM 5☆STAR GP Day 2 on 8/9/20 Review. Reviews Stardom Top Stories. The event took place on Septem. dvdレンタルのstardom 5★star gp (2枚組)詳細ページ。ネットで借りて自宅に届きポストへ返却。.

Related Topics: 5 Star Grand Prix Avary AZM Featured Featured Big Hana Kimura Hazuki Mayu Iwatani Momo Watanabe Natsu Sumire Red Stars Stardom Stardom-World Tam Nakano Up Next Andrew’s Stardom 5 Star GP Blue Stars Ratings & Analysis: Day 2. The title, which in Stardom&39;s championship hierarchy is situated as the secondary title behind the World of Stardom Championship, was introduced on J, and the inaugural champion was crowned on J, when Yuzuki Aikawa defeated Yoshiko in a decision match. Mari Apache & Natsuko Tora vs ShiKid (Shiki Shibusawa & Starlight Kid) vs. The set includes just about every regular wrestler in Stardom, as they included not just their contracted stars but Freelancers and Gaijin as well. also that was first time i watch 5 star GP and it was very cool to watch this format alongside in the same year with G1. The event took place on Ap. · Stardom recently resumed its 5STAR Grand Prix tournament this weekend in Tokyo and Sendai, Japan. Results Numbers in parentheses.

· 5☆STAR GP Finals Utami Hayashishita Def. Popular events: Anniversary, The Highest, 5STAR Grand Prix, Mask Fiesta, Goddesses Of Stardom, Year-End Climax Logos:todayStardom Idols Current Champions Title Current champion(s) Artist Of Stardom Championship Donna del Mondo(Giulia, Maika& Syuri Kondo) Future Of Stardom Championship VAKANT. CAGEMATCH » Events Database » Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix - Tag 5. · One of the most experienced and decorated competitors in the field, Syuri brings over ten years of experience into her first 5☆STAR GP. Andrew’s Stardom 5 Star GP Blue Stars. · A worthy main event to kick off STARDOM 5★STAR GP 2017 the 5☆STAR GP as the Wonder Of Stardom champion Giulia defeated the World Of Stardom champion Mayu Iwatani. 14) Kagetsu vs Bea Priestley If you would like to see other matches.

stardom 5★star gp(スターダム・ファイブ・スター・グランプリ)は、スターダム主催により開催されている、女子プロレスのシングルマッチによるリーグ戦。年に第1回開催。 公式戦は20分1本勝負(までは15分1本勝負) 。勝ち2、引分1、負け0の得点制で. Now Trending: STARDOM 5☆STAR GP. When is the 5 star Grand Prix? Much like JDStar, Stardom also places heavy emphasis on the physical attractiveness of its workers, and publishes several modeling photobooks and calendars of its workers per year. · A full review of Stardom "Shining Stars " on June 11th,, featuring Io Shirai vs. Review: Our next match on the block is Hana Kimura taking on Saki Kashima.

Evening Show 5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match AZM vs. The 5 Star Grand Prix is comparable (and likely inspired) by the NJPW’s G1 Climax. September 5 at Shin-Kiba 1st RING in. At the end of the year, Hojo was named Stardom&39;s MVP of.

On September 24, Iwatani won the 5★Star GP after defeating Utami Hayashishita in the finals. I’m not sure how long separated this from the last match as the complete show feed on Stardom World cut to a Finals graphic, but Utami looked exhausted while making her ring entrance. Stardom Cinderella Tournament Promotion Stardom Date Ap Venue Korakuen Hall City Tokyo Attendance 1,150 Last Event Shining Stars In Kagawa Next Event Rossy Ogawa No Kanreki ~ Rossy Ogawa STARDOM 5★STAR GP 2017 60th Birthday Stardom Cinderella Tournament took place in TTokyo. · The second show after a few weeks of COVID forced cancelations brings us day 4 of the 5☆STAR Grand Prix, with a full card of fun looking block matches, including a main event between two of Stardom’s biggest future stars.

On May 6, Iwatani and Io Shirai, Thunder Rock, defeated Chelsea and Kairi Hojo to win the vacant Goddess of Stardom Championship. During their tag team title reign, Thunder Rock also won the Goddesses of Stardom Tag Tournament. Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix is here! dvd通販のstardom 5★star gp 詳細ページ。出演者は、木村花やバイパーなど。新作予約dvd・ブルーレイを最大26%offで販売!.

25/10 Now I may have been critical about a few of the matches, but nearly all of these (except Death and Saya) were entertaining. 18 written by Sam Septem Natsuko Tora, Starlight Kid & Ruaka vs. Here is everything we know about the tournament so far, plus I’ll throw in some predictions at the STARDOM 5★STAR GP 2017 end based on years of extensive Joshi research. Hiromi Mimura, Mari Apache & Shiki Shibusawa. The match was great as the two mixed Mayu’s formula of getting dumped on her head with Giulia’s formula of throwing hands, and boots, lots of boots to the face. · A full review of Stardom "Galaxy Stardom " on June 21st,, featuring Io Shirai vs. Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix - Tag 5 Event.

Blue Stars block action gets started! Estos son los resultados de los tres últimos días del torneo 5*Star GP de Stardom, así como de las finales celebradas este lunes 18 de septiembre.


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